Elektryczne wózki widłowe HC

Nowa Seria A

Elektryczny_wozek_widlowy_HC_Seria_A Dostępne modele

Streamlined outline, small dimension and metal material are employed in the exposed parts of this new A series counterbalance electric forklift. Like A series truck, the new A series truck is also designed with solid frame. Featured with low noise, energy saving and no exhaust emission, all the performances of this vehicle meet the requirement of eco-friendliness. The employment of the new broad view mast, the small radius turning wheel and 150mm adjustable distance of seat in the forklift ensures a comfortable and ergonomical operation.

Seria J

J4-5T Dostępne modele

The four wheel forklift ECB forklift is available in either AC or DC systems based on customers' requirements. In addition, side battery change is also available. Equipped with soft landing system and wide-view mast, the operator can benefit from low working noise and high forward visibility. Besides, the truck also features high economical efficiency during operation, and requires minimal maintenance costs. Due to these advantages, this heavy-duty vehicle is ideal for applications demanding high lift, long travel and multiple shifts.