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The new generation of tow tractors is a successor of the previous family of diesel tow tractors, which have been manufactured by the company for 20 years. They are characterized by a new design and high reliability. The two seat operator compartment can be supplied in two versions – with classic (standard) doors or with soft cabin. Diesel DEUTZ engines can be build in. The tow tractors family is complemented by electric tractor model RECORD ET with AC power.

Model Siła pociągowa (kN) Promień skrętu [mm]
RECORD DT 1530.2 16 kN 2670
RECORD DT 1530.2 N 18 kN 3400
RECORD DT 1532.2 20 kN 2670
RECORD DT 1532.2 N 22 kN 3400
Elektryczny RECORD ET 2.5 kN 2670